DIY Upcycling Sewing Box - the Fanjy fanny pack

DIY Upcycling Sewing Box - the Fanjy fanny pack

Fanjy is the classical fanny pack with a twist, the perfect project for anyone who has a sewing machine within reach – whether a beginner or an advanced sewing enthusiast.

To realize this project you will be guided by our detailed, step-by-step sewing instructions with pictures (both in EN and DE). Everything you need will be in the box: from pattern to threads and trims to the very pieces of fabric.

We believe sewing is one of the sustainable solutions we have at the moment for reducing the tremendous amounts of clothing piling up in landfills. It can help us turn good quality clothing that for some reason was regarded as waste, into wonderful new products! This is why for this project we will reuse fabric from pants and jeans and play with the existing design to obtain a fun, yet practical piece.

All will come to you in an upcycled box that we had so much fun decorating with a unique surprise collage picture.

If you love sewing, you love fashion and love the idea of being part of the solution, then this upcycled DIY box was made for you.

This kit contains:
- digital sewing instructions with pictures in both EN and DE
- a paper pattern
- upcycling fabric for the exterior
- upcycling fabric for the lining (interior)
- sewing thread in a fun color
- zipper
- metal closing system
+ the box is upcycled using collage technique and it comes with a surprise image

All you need is a basic home sewing machine and around 3 hours.

***The fanny packs in the pictures are just to illustrate the final design. The available color combinations are different and can be seen in the picture with "Color variants".