Surprise Outfit Sewing Box

Surprise Outfit Sewing Box

Looking to learn something new by adding a new exciting item of clothing in your wardrobe? Then this is the box for you.

Here is how it works: after purchasing this box, we will email you with a brief questionnaire. Based on your answers, we will select a pattern and a fabric from our database and complete a box with everything you need to create this new item of clothing in your style! You won't know what it is until you open the box. Exciting, oder?

The box contains:
- a printed paper pattern (with seam allowance) personalized in your own size (chosen to fit your style and color, based on the answers you give in the questionnaire);
- a set of written sewing instructions to guide you along the process;
- a sustainable fabric in the amount needed to complete the garment;
- any trims needed such as zippers, buttons or extra layers of cloth;
- a spool of yarn in a color that matches the fabric;
- the right needle for the type of fabric you will use.

All that is left to do will be to sew everything together and wear your new garment and feel proud of your achievement.

**A sewing machine is needed to use this box.

+ 5.99€ shipping in Germany.

! free pick-up in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg or Checkpoint Charlie).