Upcycling Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern

Upcycling Fanny Pack Sewing Pattern

If you want to take the less wasteful path and create a fun and cool upcycling project then Fanjy is for you! Not only is upcycling more eco-friendly, but sometimes existing clothing is the perfect inspiration for a new, exciting design. For this pattern, you can reuse a trouser front pocket to create a fanny pack with a twist: a Fanjy!

The pattern is beginner-friendly, but also complex enough for an intermediate sewer.

It comes with detailed, step-by-step sewing instructions with pictures, both in EN and DE.

Completion time: based on your sewing level, around 3h.

The pattern is available in a digital, ready-to-print PDF (A4). You will only need to print around 6 pages and no paper gluing will be involved! Yey!

The processing of your order is done manually, so once you purchase the pattern we might need more than a second to send it to you.